Are you stress eating? These 3 foods can help

Stress is something that happens a lot in our busy lives because of how we live. A little bit of stress can be okay, but if we feel stressed every day, it can cause problems for our bodies and minds.

Sometimes, when people are stressed, they eat unhealthy foods to feel better. This is called “stress eating.” It’s not good for us because it can lead to bad eating habits, eating too much, tummy troubles, and even gaining weight.

To help with stress eating, a nutritionist named Rujuta Diwekar shared some foods on Instagram that you can eat instead of sugary and carb-heavy snacks.

  1. Peanuts: These little nuts have things called vitamin B6 and magnesium. Eating a few peanuts can stop you from feeling too full when you’re stressed. It’s good to have them as a snack in the afternoon.
  2. Cashew nuts: These nuts are also good for you. They have iron and magnesium, which can give you energy when you’re feeling tired. You can eat them before bed with milk.
  3. Dry coconut: Dry coconut can make you feel full, which helps with stress eating. It also has something called lauric acid, which is good for your hair and skin. You can eat it with jaggery or as chutney with your lunch.

Similarly, another nutrition expert named Richa Anand from a hospital in Mumbai says that to feel better when you’re stressed, it’s important to eat a balanced diet.

She says some foods can help reduce stress. Omega-3 fatty acids, which are in fish like salmon and walnuts, can make your brain work better and lower stress. Also, eating whole grains, green veggies, and berries gives you vitamins and antioxidants to fight stress. Foods with magnesium, like nuts, seeds, and dark chocolate, can help your muscles relax and make you feel calmer.

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