Lunar Living: NASA’s Bold Vision for Moon Homes by 2040

NASA, the American space agency, wants to make houses on the moon. This news comes from a report in the New York Times. A long time ago, astronauts went to the moon for a short visit during the Apollo 17 mission. Now, NASA wants to stay on the moon for a longer time. Some experts think NASA’s plan is very ambitious, but others believe it’s possible. NASA’s idea is to send a special 3D printer to the moon. This printer will use moon rocks and minerals to build structures.

The 3D printer is being tested right now, and it will go to the moon in February 2024. NASA is using advanced technology and working with universities and companies to make this happen.

Niki Werkheiser, who is in charge of NASA’s technology, said, “We are at an important moment, and it feels like a dream come true. We have the right people working together for a common goal, and that’s why I think we can do it.”

But before NASA can do this, they have to send astronauts to the moon in the Artemis 2 mission next year. The previous mission, Artemis 1, only had robots. Artemis 2 will have four human astronauts. In 2025 or 2026, Artemis 3 will use SpaceX’s Starship to land on the moon’s South Pole, bringing humans back to the moon’s surface.

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