Not Tesla But 500 Hydrogen Powered Toyota Cars Will Ply In Official Feet For 2024 Paris Olympics & Paralympics

The Japanese car company Toyota will give 500 hydrogen cars called “Mirai” to the 2024 Olympics in Paris. These cars don’t make pollution from their exhaust pipes. Paris wants to cut down the pollution from the Olympics by half compared to before.

Toyota is an official partner of the 2024 Olympics. They want to help make the Olympics cleaner by providing these eco-friendly cars. The 2024 Olympics will happen in Paris next year. Paris is important for clean and green transportation because of the Paris Accord, which talked about making transportation cleaner. Now, Toyota is bringing pollution-free cars to the Olympics in Paris.

Even though electric cars like Tesla are popular, the 2024 Olympics are a big deal, and Toyota is showing the future of clean transportation with hydrogen cars. In India, even the Minister of Road Transport and Highways, Nitin Gadkari, uses a Toyota Mirai powered by hydrogen. India is also looking at using hydrogen for clean transportation and has a plan for green hydrogen.

Cedric Borremans, who leads Toyota’s Olympic and Paralympic division in Europe, says that Toyota wants to show their innovative hydrogen cars at the 2024 Olympics. They want to make the Olympics as clean as possible by using only electric cars.

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