Variations in Winter Regulations Based on Weather Conditions

In some countries like Great Britain, Hungary, the Netherlands, Poland, and Portugal, there’s no rule saying commercial vehicles must have special winter tires. But in Germany, if a truck weighs at least 3.5 metric tons, it has to have special winter tires on its front and rear wheels with a symbol called 3PMSF.

In Italy, they use traffic signs to tell you when you need winter equipment on some roads. In countries like Bulgaria and Latvia, they say your tires need to have a certain amount of tread on them.

In Scandinavian countries like Sweden, if a vehicle is heavier than 3.5 metric tons, it must have special tires with a mark called 3PMSF or POR, or they can use studded tires. This is because the weather there can be very extreme. But after November 30, 2024, they won’t allow regular M+S tires in these conditions anymore.

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