Yellowstone’s Wolves Attempt to Bring Down a Solitary Bison, Only for a Bison Collective to Intervene and Protect It

In simpler terms, Chuck Neal, a retired nature expert, talked about a group of wolves in Yellowstone National Park called the Junction Butte pack. Normally, these wolves like to eat elk, which are smaller and easier for them to catch. However, there was a video where these wolves tried to hunt a bison, which is much larger and tougher to catch.

Chuck Neal thinks the bison they were after might have been hurt because it seemed to have a sore leg. Wolves are good at finding weak or injured animals to hunt. In the video, you can see the wolves chasing the bison, trying to surround it and bite its legs. The bison knew it had to get back to its group to stay safe, so it ran back to the other bison.

If things had gone differently, it could have been a very gruesome sight. Wolves usually bite the tendons in the legs of their prey to bring it down. Then they start eating it while it’s still alive. This can be pretty tough to watch for people who care about animals.

Chuck Neal also mentioned another group of wolves in the park called the Mollie’s pack. These wolves are experts at hunting bison. They know how to chase bison into deep snow, where the bison struggle because they’re heavy. The Mollie’s pack wolves are big themselves because they eat a lot of bison. Some of the males in this pack can weigh as much as 140-150 pounds. But being big also means they can get injured when hunting bison.

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